Did you notice the dates?

If you've been reading these, you've probably noticed that I stopped using dates a long time ago and just use titles for these journals. That's because I'm not writing this today. I found this thing on Square Space that lets me schedule when the posts will appear.

So I took all of my old journals that I wrote before June 4th and I scheduled them to appear randomly until now.

I didn't want you to worry.

I wanted you to think that I'm still here.

I thought that almost two months would be more than enough time assuming that something went wrong.

But if you are reading this, I'm not here. If I was here, I would have deleted this. That person you've been talking to on social media, that's not me either. That's a friend.

The police know enough that they can handle things themselves. If I went to them...if I went to them after I found what was in the wall, they would have taken over. Regardless, by now they've found it all. I honestly don't think if I had gone to the police that they would have cared or that I would have gotten any answers.

I still might not.

If you are reading this, maybe I haven't gotten any answers. Or maybe I got them all.

I'm sorry.

Please believe that I tried.