A Proper Old-Fashioned

Please stop putting cherries in Old-Fashioneds. I don't know what bartending school or cheap joke store book people got that recipe out of, but stop it.

A proper old-fashioned is simple: sugar (preferably a cube of raw sugar), a couple of dashes of good bitters, muddle an orange (the meat, not the skin, you want the zest, but not the bitterness), crushed ice, bourbon, crushed ice, bourbon.

That's it. No rye, no brandy, no cherry. Sparingly on the bitters, like vermouth with a martini, you aren't doing anyone favors by being heavy on bitters.

Get that glass frosty, layering the crushed ice will do that. This works best with a higher proof bourbon so the melting ice doesn't hurt the taste. Can't stomach that Bookers because it's 129 proof? Try it in an Old-Fashioned.

I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to old-fashioneds and I'm particular, but come on, just enjoy your bourbon. The world is finally getting with the times, but too many places are rushing it into production. You just aren't going to turn out a good product in under 9 years, so STOP TRYING TO SELL IT TO PEOPLE!

Want irony? I'm drinking a screwdriver right now.