There are worse things than coffee pot ramen.

A lot worse things.

It's nice staying here, even if it's just a motel room. I have my laptop, Netflix when I can get anything resembling the WiFi signal that the motel manager assures me is "top of the line". Though, top of the line here is just about a step above dial up, so if I'm lucky I can get in a movie a day, otherwise it's public TV and infomercials.

Sometimes I look at the files TIm sent me. I don't listen. I just stare at them.

It's been cold, but the weather is supposed to warm up this week. May in Minnesota. Sometimes, before the sunsets I'll go outside and sit on the curb outside of the door and have a beer.

I sit and drink and stop thinking for just the moment between when I twist of the cap and when the last foam slide out of the bottle.

It feels free.