Weather reflects feelings: bad.

It's all of about 36 degrees outside, no sun. Middle of May in Minnesota and it could just about be snowing here. I looked up the weather in Atlanta, I shouldn't have but I did.

It's 70 and mostly sunny.

It makes things harder, getting out of bed, even taking a shower. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Sometimes I stare at the door because I think I hear someone walking by on the loose gravel of the make-shift parking lot outside the motel.

But no one ever knocks.

Not sure if that makes me happy or not. I think about giving Roger a call, though I don't have his phone number, I'm sure he's in the book.

Since hearing the audio Tim recovered...

There wasn't anyone in the house. I know there wasn't.

There wasn't.

The motel manager wants me to pay for the next week in advance. Sadly, this is cheaper than living in Atlanta, but it still ain't free.

I think I'm going to go back to sleep.