This is it. As I sit here in a coffee shop four hours south of Crayton I'm trying to think of something, anything to write. 

I'm not much for writing, or even really sharing my thoughts, but I thought this might help me as I work through some things. I had a teacher once say that they best way to understand something was to write it then say it. Maybe there's something to that.

For now, I feel the jitters coming on. Not just from the large coffee, but...going home. 

Coffee's gone, so it's time to move on. Back on the road again. 

It's still raining here. If I were one for omen's, I'd think something was up about this. 

If anything, I'm guessing it's just Prince's way of making people cry even more about Purple Rain. I bet my old job has already played "When Doves Cry" a hundred times by now.